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     What a find!!!
When Nesquehoning Zoning Officer Gene Kennedy bought his house he found a complete set of Nesquehoning High School Yearbooks in the attic. The house was formally owned by Mr. John D. Williams a teacher and principal at Nesquehoning High School. These books were in excellent condition. He graciously lent me the books to copy and share them with you and preserve some of Nesquehoning's history for future generations. With the passing of time the echoes of school life grow fainter and fainter, and then die away. Gone forever are the routines of school life, the fun you had and the friends you made. As you glance through these yearbooks you will recapture these moments and the echoes will begin again. 

Thank You Gene


     From the earliest times in the history of the American Indian they kept records of individual, family and tribal events by means of symbols and picture writing on dried buffalo skins. Such records telling of the most important events of each year were known at their WINTER COUNT. We at Nesquehoning are proud of our Indian background. Legend tells us that it means "narrow valley." In 1956 the student body voted to change the name from the Nesquehoning Indians to the Nesquehoning Warriors. Yes, like the Indian of old, Nesquehoning High even had their "Winter Count." Not on buffalo skins, but on the pages of the yearbook called "The Arrow".
     Nesquehoning's first yearbook was in 1950. There was no year on the cover, it only said ARROW. The pictures were taken by Mr. Rudy Bednar, of Nesquehoning. Most of the text in the book was done on a typewriter. 
     1951 and 1952 were the only years the book was soft cover. Photos were by Rudy Bednar and text was still done on a typewriter. 
     In 1953 the text, pictures and especially the ads that now included logos and clipart made the book much better. 
     The 1954 book had a padded cover and was the thickest book of all, because pages were only printed on one side. This book also contained the only photo of the football team in their regular clothes and not in their football uniforms. 
     The 1955 and 1956 books were made by Myers and contained more pictures, especially of activities.
     From 1957 to 1963 the books were made by Taylor and the last book in 1964 was made by Delmor. 
     The first school at Nesquehoning was in the year 1830, who would have thought that the end would come in 1964. On the last page of the last yearbook of the last year of Nesquehoning High is a picture with the fitting caption, "The End."
     All I wanted to do was take a couple of pictures from these books to use in our calendar and I ended up taking over 4,000 pictures with a digital camera and scanned more than 2,000 pages. I scanned every page of every book and wish I could put all of them on the web site for everyone to view, but it would be impossible because of the space needed. I will put the senior pictures of each year on this site and some various pictures that I will change from time to time. 


Alma Mater

Dear old high, our inspiration,
Wisdom's shine so dear.
Sons and Daughters in devotion
Bring thee praise sincere

On the field of contest playing,
'Neath maroon and gold;
Or in pleasant halls of learning,
Thou our lives doth mold.

Send us forth, dear Alma Mater,
Tested, tried, and true.
May our love of thee ne'er falter,
All life's journey through.

Dear old Nesquehoning High School,
Loud we praise thy name.
May thy sterling preparation
Lead us on to fame.



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