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On these pages I will be putting various pictures that people gave me or lent them to me so they could share them with others who visit this site. The location, date and people in some of the pictures are unknown. Don't forget to look at the calendar's, they contain many old pictures of Nesquehoning.


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This is a picture of the 1939 graduates of the 1938 football team. Kneeling L to R Harry Tussa Becker, John Drum Evanela, John Skeets Sniscak, Ervin Hawk and Stephen Fussy Tokay. Standing L to R Luther Hawk, Stephen Chip Koval, Robert Huckster Haldeman, and Joseph Miller, Absent Jerome Giggy Vaiana and Andrew Shuffle Lopata.

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1940 basketball team

Pauline's Beauty Centre


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Lake Hauto 1922


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Gallagher's Saloon
W. Railroad St.

New Columbus
Baseball Team

Catawissa St. Looking East From School St.


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1958 New Columbus American Fire Company little league team. Back row, Coach Sam LaRizzo, George Fairley, Ted Mikovich, George Malaska, Sam Devan and Tom Pituch. Second row, Bob Yackanicz, Joe Greco, Joe Ricetti, Mike Misoda and Dave Miller. Front row, Lou Consoli, Joe Drosdak, Sam Sahr, Peter Maliniak and Bob Kuzma.


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Hauto Post Office

Hauto Train Station


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Confirmation Oct 10th 1951

Names For Picture On Left


This is a picture of the 1923 basket ball team. Front row Nick Dobosh, Harry Miller, Charles York, Bill Christopher. Back row, Dominic Greco, George Roscoe, Bill Eckert, Principal Mr. Henniger, Victor Skakandy, Billy McGeehan.

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Nesquehoning Breaker Early 1900's

Shaft # 3 Nesquehoning

Kovich Garage 1920's


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Class Of 1943

1945 Football

Baseball 1947


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Shaft # 2 Nesquehoning


Strip Mining


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Lamp House

Drag Line

Wash House


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School Picture

School Picture

Nesquehoning 1940


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Ed Lucas Pictures


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Basketball Champs

Basketball Champs



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1970's Knee-Hi Football

Snow Storm 12-25-1969


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These Are Old Labels From Campbell's Drug Store


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Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball
1929-30 Basketball Schedule


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High School Band
Festival Members
1954 Memorial Day Program


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V F W Post 8008 Annual Installation 1954


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Cheerleaders 1947

Twirlers 1947

Baseball 1948


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Class of 1932 1932 Commencement Program


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Program From A  Play "The Graduate's Seven Guides" By The Class Of 1932 And Pictures Of Some Of The Students In Their Costumes


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Class Of 1932 Some Of The Class
Of 1931-Grade School Picture

Youth Center 1955


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Class Of 1931 Picture Taken
At Little Italy
Gym Team 1930

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