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Above Are Pictures Of The Nesquehoning High School Before It Was
Made Into An Apartment Building. Many Students Scratched Their
Names On The Blackboards, 2 Examples Are Shown.


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These Pictures Were Taken In 1991


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These Pictures Were Taken July 4, 1995


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Here's Some Pictures From 1997


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Above are maps of Little Italy. Little Italy was a quaint little village nestled among the rocks and hills one mile above Nesquehoning on the top of Wash Shanty Hill. The settlement was started in 1884 and occupied mostly by Italians. In 1912 residents of Little Italy got the bad news, it was doomed to go. Because it sat on top of a large vein of coal the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company decided to extend its working directly underneath it and this made it unsafe for anyone to live there. It was decided to move Little Italy to Newtown. Newtown was located on the north side of Nesquehoning Creek. By 1917 almost every one from Little Italy was moved to Newtown. When Little Italy was moved to Newtown the name was changed to New Columbus. One of the maps shows where two veins of coal , the Primrose and the Orchard, went under the village.


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Above Are Pictures From A 1952 Booklet Called The Bundy Tuba.


One Of Fauzio's Old Stripping Trucks. This Is A 1939 Mack Model FC Dump Truck Of 60,000 Pounds GVW, equipped With A 180 HP Cummins Diesel And 4 Speed Transmission With Hi-Lo. Extremely Rare, Only 22 FC's Were Built.

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Pictures Of Lokies At Nesquehoning


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Corby House Next To
Meed's Church

High St. 1905

NHS Faculty 1926


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Tom Mulligan East
Catawissa St. 1931

Picture Taken At
Hauto 1909

Fauzio Loads Old Lokie
Going To Lehighton Fair


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Nesquehoning Hurricanes Football Paper September 28,1947


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Nesquehoning Hurricanes Football Paper October 19,1947


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Control Room

Jim Fauzio
Bob McGorry
Shower of Roses

Clam Bake

New Columbus


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1941 Nesquehoning High School Football Schedule


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Lake Hauto 1960's

Nesquehoning TV 
Match Book

1919 Russian Orthodox Ribbon


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1939-41-42-44 Class Pennants 


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Class Hat 1920

Class Hat 1921

Various Patches


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This Is A Coupon From Campbells Drug Store In The Early 1900's


rapic1140.jpg (34293 bytes) During WWII families would display a flag in their window. The number of stars on the flag indicated how many family members were in the armed services, if a family member was killed, the blue star was replaced by a gold star. The flag in this picture was the one that hung in the window of the Nesquehoning Hose Co. #1. It indicated 53 members of the fire company were in the armed services. There are 15 stars on the back and 38 stars on the front. The flag has one gold star. During WWII Nesquehoning was one of the most patriotic towns in the Country. On a per capita basis, Nesquehoning had more people in the armed services than any other town in the whole United States, (over 1200 men and women.) Thirty-four people from Nesquehoning lost their lives in WWII. 


This Is An Early 1900's Interior Picture Of Max Pollack's Store On West Catawissa St. He Was A Dealer In Jewelry And Musical Instruments. He Also Did Watch Making. Shown In The Picture Are Max Pollack, His Wife Anna And Their Two Youngest Daughters, Sarah And Sophie.

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Bank Bag

Campbell's Drug Store Calendar 1920

Donald's Service Station Key Chain


May 30, 1966. Opening Day Exercises At Dr. Redlin Field Behind The Youth Center. President, David C. Ronemus. Mayor John Nalesnik Master Of Ceremonies. Dr. Albert Redlin, Speaker. Senator Fred Hobbs, Speaker. Rev. Michael Sopoliga, Clergy.

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May 30, 1966. Dr. Albert Redlin, Speaker. Mayor John Nalesnik. David C. Ronemus.  Rev. Michael Sopoliga. Gary Porembo, Catcher, N. C. Fire Co. Dave Digilio, Pitcher, N. C. Fire Co. 

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May 30, 1966. Dr. Albert Redlin, Speaker. Mayor John Nalesnik. Rev. Michael Sopoliga. Senator Fred Hobbs.

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May 30, 1966. Cassie Sportswear Team, 2nd Place 1966. Manager Joseph Staivecki. Assistant Manager Dave Ronemus. Coach Mike Kravlik. Front Row Left To Right, Frank Jacobs, David Kovich, Joe Staivecki Jr., Jim Kravlik, Terry Bonner and Jack Corby. Back Row Left To Right, Mike Kravlik, Dave Barnhardt, Martin Kovich Jr., George Diabes, Dave Slivka, Bob Yurchak, Mike Lopata, Joe Stavivecki and Dave Ronemus.

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May 24, 1965 Opening Day Exercises At Dr. Redlin Field Behind The Youth Center. John Nalesnik Master Of Ceremonies. President, David C. Ronemus. Mayor James Fauzio. Rev. Walter Bingham Clergy. Dr. Albert Redlin, Speaker.  rapic1145.jpg (32653 bytes)

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Raising Of Flags 1965

Playing Of National Anthem 1965

Electronics Team, Ken Hawk, Manager 1965

York Brothers Team, Joe Gazdick, Manager 1965

Kovatch Olds Team, Ernest Strohl, Manager 1965

Nesquehoning Little League


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Pictures Taken At Hauto Honor Roll


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Hauto Power Plant


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Baptist Church Early 1900's

Ukrainian Club


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Nesquehoning Phone Book 1951


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Hauto Baseball Team 1940's. The Only Person Identified In These Pictures Is The Man Wearing The Suit, He Is Joseph F. Jacobs, He Was Born In Hauto In 1905 And Lived Up On Yard Street Down Near The Old Russian School.


This Is An Old School Picture Probably From Hauto, It Was With The Hauto Baseball Pictures.

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Nesquehoning 1935 Graduation Picture. The Only One Identified Is Mary Mitzen (Sluck), Second Row, Second In From Right.


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Nesquehoning 1938 Graduation Picture. The Only One Identified Is Mildred Marek , Second Row, Fifth from Left, .



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