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PPL Plant Hauto

Red Row E. Railroad St.

Trolley Bridge and 
Timber Bank 


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Ladies Of Meeds
Church 1909

Trolley At

W. Catawissa St.


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Old School Pictures


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Julia "Star" Starosta
Standing In Front Of 
The Roxie Theatre 1938

Wash Starosta In Front
Of His Sporting Goods
Store Located On The
Left Side Of Roxie

Ed "Battle Ship" Watkins
& Chief Ed McGinley


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Workers At The Hauto Power Plant 1947


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Hauto Rod & Gun Club

Hauto Rod & Gun Club
Easter Egg Hunt 1954

1st To 6th Grades Hauto
School 1949-50


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Bucyrus 9-W Dragline
At Little Italy

Fauzio Bros. 1930's

Fauzio Welding Truck

Dragline at



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Euclid Truck

Miss Panther Valley,
480W Buryrus Dragline
At Little Italy, 15 Yard Bucket, Weight
1,600,000 pounds, 

First Holy Communion
Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel
Church 1927


World War II Veterans From Nesquehoning Are Shown 
In This Photograph At The Mine Tunnel At Nesquehoning. Not All Are Identified, Some Are, Left To Right, Tony Kinn, "Jacko" Hallahan, Paul "Reds" Valusek, Vincent "Chow" Bonner, Pete Kopie, Butch Choley, Andy "Eagle" Andreosky, John Chodur, Joey Bowen, Duffy Zlock and Andy Lohinecz.

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Ed Lucas's
Varsity Shop

Creitz's Garage
E. Catawissa St.

Father Paul Barnyock
Meets Pope Paul VI


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Rock Disposal Bridge

Basketball Team

1923 Football Team


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These Pictures Were Taken On May 30th 1940


In 1963 Nesquehoning Became A Borough, This Is A Picture
OF Its First Mayor and Council. Vernon Corby, Hugo Diehl,
John "Skeets" Sniscak, Angelo "Gus" Malaska, Mayor James
Fauzio, Jerome Citrano, James Kisbaugh, John "Slim" Evanko and Bill Kissner. The Judge Was Heimbach.

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Nesquehoning Hospital
3rd Level Of Number 1 Shaft 1926

Nesquehoning Miners

Aerial View 1925


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St. Johns Church 1934

Class Of 1914-15

Class of 1941


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School Picture

Intech Plastic Plant

1912 Girls Basketball


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E. Catawissa St.


School Picture


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Coal Storage Yard At Nesquehoning


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Campbell's Drug Store

Jack Hager 1947

Green & Sons Plant


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Hauto 1915

W. Catawissa St 1930

Hauto 1902


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Little League 1960's

Teachers 1955

Model AC Mack Trucks


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Lehigh Aluminum Company At Nesquehoning 1955.
A Subsidiary Of Benada Aluminum Company Of Youngstown, Ohio


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Grief House On West
Railroad St. 1909

Hauto Screen Building

West Railroad St


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Supervisors 1952

Mary Rose's

Trolley At Liberties


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Nesquehoning Hose Co.

East End School 1890

Nesquehoning Breaker


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Marsden's Milk Truck 

McGorry's Barber Shop

West High Street


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American Legion 
Baseball Team

1919 Tire Ad 

Catawissa Street


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Bechtel's Bar

Butcher Wagon

Zaengle's Grove Inn


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Delivery Wagon

5th Grade

Class Of 1925


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1929 Football

Class Of 1954



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Prom Invitation And Pictures 1954



When it comes to brakes, your car deserves the best.

Always ask for Bendix.

Need Tires? Give Us A Call. 
We Have The Best Tires At The Best Prices.

Creitz Tune up Service
Rt. 209 & 93 Jct.
1201 E. Catawissa. St.
Nesquehoning, Pa. 18240-1807

 The Cooper Philosophy
"Good merchandise because it doesn't pay to make, sell or use an inferior article. Fair prices that satisfy the customer."