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Little League 1968 Annie The Peddler  School Picture


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Class Of 1921 Fifth Grade East End 1947 Nesquehoning
Bicycle License Plate


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Registration 1946

School Flag

Lokie At Hauto 
Power Plant


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1903 Corby Store Receipt 

Central Hotel 1911
W. Bechtel Proprietor 
West Center Street


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A&P Store 1940

In The 1930's Match Company's Put Pictures Of
Football Players On Their Packs. John Kusko Of
Nesquehoning Played With The Philadelphia
Eagles For Three Years, 1936-37 and 38.


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Advertisement For
The Strand  Theatre
East Columbus Ave. East Garibaldi Ave


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In The Early 1930's Margaret "Skipper" Dobosh Operated An Ice Cream Store At 1 East Catawissa St. Her Advertisements Called It The Pupil's Shoppe, Rendezvous For Sweets. These Pictures Were Taken In Front Of Her Store.


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Above Are Pictures Of Nesquehoning Football Players. Football Was Almost 
An Obsession With The Valley's Residents. Local High School Teams Played Hard, Tough Ball. Rivalry Between Towns Was Strong, And Virtually Everyone Attended The Games.


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Testimonial Dinner In Honor Of Anthony J. Mezza June, 3, 1961


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Nesquehoning High School Basketball


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Breaker 1888
 Big Sliding Board 
At Lake Hauto
Wash Shanty 


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Railroad & School St. Picnic Ticket Hauto Rod & Gun Club


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St. Mary's Church Baptist Church Old Nesquehoning


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Old School Pictures


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Program From A School Play June 4, 1963


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Nesquehoning Mines West Catawissa St.


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Legion Band

Jane (Zlock) Creitz 

Gloria Elbert

Legion Band In New Columbus Oct. 1949


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Nesquehoning Mine M. E. Church Fourth Grade 1916


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Sacred Heart Church M. E. Church St Johns Church


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Nesquehoning Band Baseball 1939

Digging Coal At Hells
Kitchen #28  1917


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Central Hotel W. Catawissa St. Train Station


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CCC Camp Nesquehoning 1930's


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W. Railroad St. Red Row E. Railroad St Eagle Hotel


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Basketball 1940

High School 1964

Map 1875


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Zaengle's Inn

Nesquehoning 1940's

Tavern 1940's


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1940's Picture Shows
Angle Parking On
Catawissa Street

Carnival At
Youth Center

School Picture
First Grade 1914


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These Pictures Were Taken During The Construction Of The New Broad Mountain Road In 1957



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