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Car Ad From 1924

Basketball Team

West End Of Town


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Above Are Pictures When Aunt Jemima Came To Nesquehoning In The 1940's. She Was At Wasas's Store On East Catawissa St. She Also Visited The Nesquehoning Mines And Gave The Miners Some Of Her Pancakes.


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Carl-Lyle Beer Truck
New Columbus

Receipt Slip Carl-Lyle

School Bus Brought Students From Hauto, Coalport, Hackleberne and Bloomingdale to Nesquehoning High School.


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The Boys in 12A 1935

Repairmen At The
Nesquehoning Colliery

Basketball Champs


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Scouts Learn About
Scuba Diving 1960's

Marsden's Bakery
Delivery Wagon

Mine Car 1913


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Above Are Pictures From Curry's Grove.


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Coin Purse From The
Sherman House

George Kennedy Of Nesquehoning Was An Actor In The Television Series "Hawaii Five O" In The 1960's. Some Shows He Would Use The Name Jeff Kennedy to not be confused with another more famous Gorge Kennedy.


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This Is A Brochure About Lake Hauto From May 1965


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Aerial View Of Maury's Texaco Service Station East Catawissa St.

Sophie Stropeosky Malatak Was Six Years Old When This Picture Was Taken On Coal Street In 1926

First National Bank Of
Nesquehoning 1920's


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Zaengle's Home 1888

Baseball 1904

Bond's Hotel West
Catawissa Street


This Is A Map Of The New Addition To Nesquehoning Called Newtown In The Early 1900.s.

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Picture Taken In Front
Of Campbell's Drug Store On West Catawissa Street

W.. Catawissa Street W. Catawissa Street


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Aerial View
Hauto Valley 1945

Zaengle Farm 1932

Mary-Jo Apparel 1965


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Our Lady Of Mount
Carmel Church
Old Envelope Walter's Karpiesz
Service Station
East Catawissa St.


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Fred Hooper's Store On Left And John Lapos's Store On Right, East Catawissa St. New Columbus 
School Picture
New Columbus
Honor Roll


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1948 Commencement Program


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Class of 1920

Class Of 1944 Class Of 1944 Names


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Piano Recital December 8, 1944


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Picture Taken In Front
Of Lapos Store 1950's

1931-32 Report Card - John Evans Fourth Grade


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1940's Cheerleader 
Betty Sniscak

Girls Basketball

Band 1950's


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Tom Thumb Wedding Program 1941


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Girls Basketball 1913

1953 Kaijay Fire

Workers At Breaker


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W. Columbus Ave.

Recycling For WWII

Shady Rest


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Mickey Mouse

Boys Basketball 30-31

Girls Basketball 30-31


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Joe Hadnagy
East Railroad St.

Train Wreck 1912

Ukrainian Club


Nesquehoning football team 1902. Linemen are from left- Ed Caragher – John Coll – Maurio Grainger – Jubs Davis – Jimmy Miller – Chas ‘Rock’ Richards – Ben Oxley. Backfield from left – Fred Jenkins – John ‘Bess’ McDonald – Fred Lewis – Monk Hildebrand. Men standing are from left Bob Measures – Ben Branch – and Fred Hooper

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Marsden Twins WWI

Playground 1950

Nesquehoning Money


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W. Catawissa Street

First Traffic Light 1949

Meeds Church


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Celebrating The End Of WWII In New Columbus



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