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This is the 1995 Nesquehoning Calendar



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This picture of the Nesquehoning High School was taken around 1914. The last class to graduate from this school was in 1919.



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In 1953 Robert M. Green and Sons operated a stainless steel plant, making hospital equipment. This is the present site of Kovatch Mobile Equipment's World Headquarters.



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This 1968 photo has George Nalesnik and Michael Kravelk standing in front of Gyp's Place, more commonly known as Nunny's Gas Station. This is the present site of the State Liquor Store.



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In the early years of the coal mines at Nesquehoning, mules were used to pull the coal cars. The building in this photo was used as a mule stable for many years. The first stable was built in 1823 and was replaced in 1861 with the present building. In 1954 it was converted into the Nesquehoning Youth Center. It contained bowling alleys, pool tables, TV room, library and a roller skating rink on the first floor. In 1975 it was destroyed by a fire and only the first floor was salvaged. The children sitting on the wall are believed to be Barbara Maurer, Frances Sleeva, Joan Sleeva, Albert Sleeva, Kathie Sleeva, unknown, Barbara Duffy, Mary Ann Kovatch, Johnny Kovatch, Francis Gogal, Francis Kattner, Paul Kattner, Michael Thear, unknown, Marsha Halko, Dorothea Kusko. Picture taken in 1955.



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The first discovery of coal was at Nesquehoning in 1786 and had the distinction of being the highest quality anthracite coal ever found. The year of this photo is unknown but we do know coal was being shipped from this mine in 1833.



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Kovich's garage in the 1920's.



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This was the last school year of Nesquehoning High School 1963-1964 - from left to right - Mike Jupin, Paul Skodacek, Nathan Hawk, Ann Marie Coniglio, Diane Vaclavik, Kathleen Mitchell, Christine Yaniga, Anthony "Boko" Bochicchio (captain of school patrol), John Barno, Dave Conway, Leroy "Bunny" McCole, Ed Gogal, William Snyder, Joe Macaluso, William Eremus, Mike Misoda, Andy Hudock, Joe Fiorentino, leaning on sign - Amos Esleib, Mike Susko, and Chief of Police Harold Billig.



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This picture shows trolley car at the intersection of School and Catawissa Streets in the early 1900's.



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First Nesquehoning High School Band in the 1920's. Some people in picture are John Hutsko, Gave Dobosh, Bond, Chas. Eldridge, Fumicel, Tom Arthur, Bob Ronemus, Kashlak, Elasic, David Christopher, Elwood Jenkens, Rollin Donald, Ed Ronemus, Sluck, Tom Cadden, Clary Mulligan, Jim Kishbauch, George Greco, Wilbur Kocher, Lester Steventon, Helen Granger, Edna McGorry, Howard Scull, Charles Grover, John Puschock, George Donald, George Puschock, Mustacchio, Torrel Brennan, Boyle, Desantis, Russel Miller, Edna McGorry, Mike Hutman, Delong, Mike Hudicka, Bernice Shinton, Levis Davis, Nick Novak, Min Ronemus, Tom Davis, Hopstock, Kramer Gover, Fritz Ferko, Bill Norwood, Andy Stockmal, Mike Cipko, Bill Azer, Nick Nayko, George Pauff, Jake Cohen, Harold Kenny, Mr. Chubb, Nelson Watson.



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In the 1950's the present site of the Corner Store was called the Sterling Variety Store, owned by Emanuel Cimmet. The drugstore was owned by George Shutak. People in picture are Marie, Charles, Helen and Eugene Crostley. 



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Albert Grainger, a coal miner from Nesquehoning, crosses Catawissa Street the hard way. This photo was taken July 4, 1898.



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In 1908 the intersection of Catawissa and Allen streets was known as Buss' Corner. The building on the right was Buss' Hotel. It is the present site of the Nesquehoning Post Office.


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1950's picture of Nesquehoning.


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