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This is the 1994 Nesquehoning Calendar



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 This old photo shows the Union Hotel at Railroad and Allen Streets. Some people are Mrs. Rendesh, Jack Hunnigan, Steve Rendesh, Steve Matsick, Jack Evans, John Shimsheck, Pete Kopena and William Cadden.



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New Columbus Fire Co. in the 50's. Angelo Riccette, fire chief; Bill Damian, Joe Ficocelli, Jerome Citrano, Charles Digilio, Danny Farole, Nick Damian, James Fauzio, Bruce Canzoneri, Joe Bochicchio, James Macaluso, Vince Turrano, Fred Cerimele, Tony Ficocelli, Flickers Damian, Abe Artuso, Larry Biank, Jasper Tessitore, Carman Tessitore Sr., Carman Tessitore Jr., and standing on running board are Blaise Mimiceli and Sal Canzoneri.



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Railroad Street, Nesquehoning, looking east from Allen St. November 1902.



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Zaengle's Grove Inn on East Catawissa Street, Nesquehoning, PA, present site of Ferrence Floor and Decor.



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In this turn of the century photo, it shows how mules were used to pull coal cars from the mines. Anthracite outcrops along Room Run were the scene of the first discovery of coal in the Lehigh region of Pennsylvania. Here in 1786, five years before Philip Ginter's discovery on Sharp Mountain, employees of Jacob Weiss discovered coal and dug samples that were shipped to Tench Coxe of Philadelphia. Although these early samples were of poor quality, either composed of bony coal or saturated with water, later shipments from the Room Run or Nesquehoning mines would have the distinction of being the highest density in the southern anthracite region.



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The coal miners' Band of Nesquehoning was formed during the 1902 strike and is shown at an appearance in New York City. They played on street corners for donations and later they joined other bands. In front from left: John Bond, John Richards, William Bond, leader; Walter Steventon, George Kanouse and Thomas Arthur. Second row from left: William Scott, William James, unknown and Robert Richards.



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West Railroad Street back in the 20's with Kattner's first coal truck. Standing on truck are Frank Kattner, Gene Hawk and Walter Hawk.



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1947 Photo of Kinn's ESSO gas station. People are Paul Skodacek, William "Butch" Kinn, Sam Katalick and Paul Yaniga. Located at present site of Mermon's Mini Mart.



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1910 picture of West Catawissa Street, Nesquehoning, PA.



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Picture shows Railroad and Center streets back in the early 1900's.



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Intersection of Railroad Street and School Street back in the 50's. On the right is Dino's store. Angelo Dino was a shoemaker and his wife, Katie, worked the store. Next to Dino's store was the barber shop of Frank Dino.



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Catawissa Street, Nesquehoning, around turn of the century. On left is the Eagle Hotel and on the right is the Central Hotel, one of the town's earliest buildings. The hotel was a stagecoach stop in the early days.


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A Fourth of July photo of the Eagle Hotel on West Catawissa Street. The building was destroyed by a fire on May 8, 1977. This is the site of Turkey Hill Mini Mart.


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