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Class Colors - Emerald Green and White
Motto - "Knowledge Comes but Wisdom Lingers"

Flower - Green Tipped White Rose
Dedicated to advisor Mr. James Vaiana

Class History

     Our journey through high school began in the year 1958 when we entered the 7th grade. Our years in 7th and 8th grade passed quickly as we became acclimated to our new surroundings. We were a small but enthusiastic part of the student body.
     In 1960 we entered our freshman year with Mr. Wojciechowski and Mr. Miller as our class advisors. As class officers we elected Louis Consoli as president, Samuel Devan as vice president, Roberta Mermon as secretary, and Jeanne Kennedy as treasurer. The most exciting event of the year was the purchasing of our class jackets. 
     Our sophomore year began in 1961 with Mrs. Reichard and Mr. Miller as our class advisors. We chose Joseph Drosdak as president, Anthony Bocchichio as vice president, Diane Vaclavik as secretary, and Dorothy Kenlin as treasurer. This was a busy year filled with many happy memories.
     In 1962 we became juniors, thrilled at the prospect of being upperclassmen. Mr. Roscoe and Mr. Bonner were our class advisors. We elected Louis Consoli as president, Michael Bonner as vice president, Diane Vaclavik as secretary, and Elizabeth Rose as treasurer. During this year we chose our class colors - emerald green and white. We also had the thrill of selecting class rings. "Evening in Paris" was the theme of our prom which no other class can ever equal in beauty.
     The long-awaited year finally arrived and in 1963 we became seniors. Our class advisors were Mr. Bonner and Miss Evans. We chose Michael Bonner as president, Ronald Kashlak as vice president, Diane Vacavik as secretary, and Anthony Bocchichio as treasurer. As a class motto we chose, "Knowledge comes, wisdom lingers." We were kept busy with class plays, yearbook, newspaper, athletics, and studies, too.
     As graduation approaches, we look back and treasure the memories of our school days. We are sad at the thought of leaving our friends and yet we are eager to meet the challenge that awaits us. Wherever the paths of life may lead, we will always remember with gratitude the guidance and assistance given to us by the faculty members.

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Juniors Class of 65

Sophomores Class of 66


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Freshmen Class of 67

8th Grade Class of 68


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7th Grade Class of 69


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