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Class Colors - Royal Blue and Silver
Motto - "Onward Forever, Backward Never"
Changed motto senior year "Without Faith There is Failure"
Flower - Blue Rose-Silver Tip
Dedicated to advisor Mr. Edward Wojciechowski

Class History

     We entered the seventh grade in 1957, delighted to be in the high school after such a long time in the elementary building. Our years as seventh and eighth graders sped by as we acclimated ourselves and became a small part of the student body. 
     In 1959 we entered the ninth grade, proud to be called freshmen. Our advisors were Miss Emmanuel and Mr. Ulshafer. We chose Lawrence Gazdick as our president,, Thomas Stemeski as our vice-president, Lorraine Tokay as our secretary, Anthony rose as our treasurer. The purchasing of our jackets was the most exciting event that year.
     In 1960 we were in our sophomore year. Mrs. Reichard and Mr. Kline were our advisors. Theodore Mikovich was elected president, William Starosta - vice-president, Lucille Cerchiaro - secretary, and Joseph Slivka - treasurer. This year we selected our class colors - royal blue and silver. And some of us had the thrill of being selected for ushers for the prom.
     At last we were juniors, and this was a thrilling station in life. Mr. Wojciechowski was our advisor. Officers elected this year were: Joseph Ligenza - president, William Starosta - vice-president, Lorraine Tokay - Secretary, and Thomas Stemetski - treasurer. The selection of our class rings was one of the important events, but our prom aroused the most excitement. Everyone enjoyed preparing for our wonderful prom which no other class will ever surpass in splendor. Our theme was Blue Hawaii. Remember that small island with the swaying palms and those crazy hoola dancers beneath!?!?!?
     Our senior year seemed to be upon us all too soon. Our class advisor was Mrs. Reichard. Joseph Ligenza once again was elected our president, John Mauro - vice-president, Carole Lopez - secretary, Richard Maliniak - treasurer. This year was filled with many activities that kept us busy: yearbook, newspaper, plays, athletics, and of course, great quantities of homework.
     Looking back on all the enjoyment we shared as a class, we feel sad, knowing that we are about to part. We must say good-bye to our school, the student body, our teachers, our class, and to our many friends. But no matter how high on the ladder of success we climb, or how far away from N.H.S. our travels lead us, we can look back at our school days and recall all our fond memories, our gratitude to the teachers for all the knowledge they tried to impart to us, and to our school of which we were so proud and will remain proud until our end. 

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