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Class Colors - Rose and Silver
Motto - "We Are Put Here To See"
Flower - Rose
Dedicated to Miss Emma Emanuel  

Class History

     In 1956, eager and wide-eyed, we, the class of 1962, entered Nesquehoning Jr. Sr. High School. We acclimated ourselves very quickly; and by the time our seventh and eighth years were completed, we had become an enthusiastic part of the student body. 
     In 1958 we entered our freshman year with Mr. Mezza and Mr. Roscoe as our class advisors. For our class officers we selected Stephen Gazdick as president, Joseph Morgan as vice president, Josephine Aquiar as secretary and Wilbourn Cox as treasurer. During our freshman year we purchased our class jackets and whore them proudly. We also began to take school more seriously.
     Mr. Mezza and Mr. Roscoe were our class advisors during our sophomore year also. For our class officers we chose James Drosdak as president, Gerald Farnsworth as vice president, Thomas Puschock as secretary, and Anthony Molinari as treasurer. As sophomores, we chose our class colors, rose and silver.
     Entering our junior year, which proved to be very interesting, we had as our class advisors Mr. Bonner and Miss Evans. Our junior class officers were Stephen Gazdick as president, Gerald Farnsworth as vice president, Thomas Puschock as secretary, and Carmen Serignese as treasurer. This was a banner year, and exciting year---class rings and our Junior Prom. Our beautiful class rings were the envy of the school and our Junior Prom, with its "youth" theme and its fountain of youth (Do your remember the coins we tossed into it?), will always remain a poignant memory. This was an especially happy year.
     Then, all too soon, our final year---our senior year. Mr. Bonner and Miss Evans continued as our class advisors. We elected for our class officers John Sehar as president, Anthony Molinari as vice president, Theresa Digilio as secretary, and Frank Stefanick as treasurer. This was a very busy year with class plays, yearbook, athletics, dances, parties, and, of course, studies keeping us on our toes.
     As our final high school days approach, we can look back and treasure the memories of our wonderful school years. We are loath to say goodbye to our fellow-students, our teachers, and our school; yet we are eager to go forward into the future with confidence and high hopes.
     However far we go into the future, we will always remember our teachers and our school with gratitude.

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