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Class Colors - Black and Gold
Motto - "We Finish to Begin"
Flower - Yellow Carnation
Dedicated to Mr. Warren Ulshafer

Class History

     Our journey through high school began in 1955 when we entered 7th grade. The years we spent in the 7th and 8th grades were more or less "getting acquainted years" for us, and we enjoyed them thoroughly.
     We entered our freshman year in 1957. During this year our class advisors were Miss Shutack and Mr. Mezza. For class officers we chose Valentine Rose as President, John Kominitsky as Vice President, Louis Mezzarone as Secretary, and Kathryn Mele as Treasurer. This year we really began filling the thrill of high school and all its activities and fun. 
     Entering our sophomore year, Miss Shutack and Miss Dougherty were our advisors. Our class officers elected for this year were Jerome Miranda as President, Rozella Hunsicker as Vice President, Josephine Pagano as Secretary, and Jeanne DeSantis as Treasurer. This year we had the thrill of selecting our class colors, and purchasing our class jackets. Jackets have now become traditional for all sophomore classes. 
     Entering our junior year we experienced more thrills and good times than we ever dreamed possible. As our advisors, we had Miss Shutack and Miss Dougherty. For our officers we elected John Hrapsky as President, John Shutack as Vice President, Gail Tierney as Secretary, and Josephine Pagano as Treasurer. This year we selected our class rings of which we are very proud. One of the biggest events of the year was our Junior Prom. Our theme was "Fairyland Gardens." The whole class co-operated in helping to make the prom a glorious success.
     All too quickly our senior year arrived. As our class advisors we had Miss Dougherty and Miss Shutack. The officers elected for this year were Jerome Miranda as President, Ernest Strohl as Vice President, Gail Tierney as Secretary, and Kathryn Mele as Treasurer. This is our busiest year. Class plays, yearbook, newspaper staffs, athletics, intramurals, dances, parties, and, oh yes, our studies keep us especially busy during this, our senior year.
     As the end of our high school days draw near, we treasure the memories of our wonderful years of school; and as graduation day approached, we look forward to the future years in which we will go our separate ways. We will never forget the teachers and all other people who helped us achieve our various goals in life. 

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