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Class Colors - Royal Blue and Silver
Motto - "Look to the Future"
Dedicated to Miss Curry and Mr. Bonner

Class History

     In the light year of 1953, we, the class of 1959, began our journey through high school. Our first two years were rather uneventful, however, they did prepare us for the "blast off " into the next four years. 
     At last we entered the first stage, our freshman year. This was our first important year and we began it by electing Samuel Biank as president, Edward Puschock as vice president, Nicolena Molinari as secretary, and Mary Lee Donald as treasurer. Our class advisors were Mr. Bonner and Miss Curry. 
     With the arrival of our sophomore year, the class became more familiar with the scholastic routine. We began our second stage by electing Michael Slivka as president, Paul Swedar as vice president, Joan Starosta as secretary, and Patricia Sahr as treasurer. Mr. Bonner and Miss Curry were our class advisors. Royal blue and silver were chosen as our class colors. We purchased class hats and emblems in our class colors. 
     Our Junior year marked the last half of our high school career. The third stage of our journey began by electing Samuel Biank as president, Gene Kulick as vice president, Robert Kashuber as secretary, and Betty Jane Williams as treasurer. Mr. Bonner and Miss Curry were our class advisors. 
     Class rings arrived in January, 1958, and we all agreed that the long wait was worthwhile.
     Prom time! On May 2, 1958, the Junior Prom was held in honor of the Senior Class of 1958. The theme was "Starlight." Music was afforded by "the Ambassadors." Mr. Mezza, our prom advisor, did a splendid job in directing us through what was one of the most beautiful proms in the history of the school. 
     September! 1958! Seniors! We finally entered the fourth and final stage of our journey through high school. The class officers this year are: Eugene Kulick, President; Stanley Zabo, Vice President; Nicolena Molinari, Secretary; Betty Jane Williams, Treasurer. Once again our class advisors are Mr. Bonner and Miss Curry. 
     With graduation in the near future as we are completing our journey through high school, each student is going in his separate orbit to make a future for himself. 
     We look to the day in June when we will graduate from Nesquehoning High School. We will always treasure the memories of our school days and remember that they were the happiest days of our lives. We will forever be indebted to our advisors and teachers for helping us plan for our future years. 

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