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Class Colors - Charcoal Gray and Pink
Motto - "After the Work, The Reward"
Flower - Pink Rose
Dedicated to Miss Brigie Dougherty

Class History

     In the year 1952 we began our journey through high school. We entered the 7th and 8th grades and spent these years to get acquainted with the teachers, locate the rooms, and become familiar with the high school routine. 
     Our freshman year began in 1954. Our class advisors during this year were P. Steventon, B. Dougherty, and G. Ulshaffer. Our class officers chosen were E. Kocha as president, F. Kenlin as vice president, R. DeSantis as secretary, and E. Drosdak as treasurer. We also chose charcoal gray and pink as our class colors, the pink rose as our class flower, and "After the Work, the Reward," as our class motto.
     Upon entering our sophomore year, B. Dougherty, and P. Steventon, and S. Pagano were still our class advisors. To lead us on, we selected A. Coniglio as president, E. Kennedy as vice president, K. Pauff as secretary and A. Kenlin as treasurer. This year we purchased and wore our class hats and emblems in our class colors. We also began to take part in some of the school activities.
     When we entered our junior year, our class advisors were Miss Dougherty, and Mr. Thear. We elected L. Ficocelli as president, A. Kenlin as vice president, K. Pauff as secretary, and A. Lopresto as treasurer. This year we chose and proudly wore our class rings. This year we also enjoyed attending our first prom. Members of the class participated and helped to make it a great success. As our theme, we had a Chinese motif.
     We all too quickly became seniors and once again our advisors were Miss Dougherty, and Mr. Thear. We elected M. Kasander as president, W. Sotak as vice president, A. Lopresto as secretary, and G. Yaniga as treasurer. This year, with the help of our advisors, we worked on the newspaper and yearbook staffs and also participated in plays and other school activities.
     With graduation in the near future as we are completing our journey through high school, each student is going his separate way to make a future for himself. We will never forget the happy memories of our school days and we stand indebted to our teachers and to anyone who has helped us in any way to reach our first goal in life. 

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