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Class Colors - Black and Gold
Motto - "Not the End, Just the Beginning"
Flower - Yellow Carnation
Dedicated to Mr. Anthony J. Mezza 
This books theme was "Over the Rainbow"

Class History

     The year 1951 marked the beginning of our journey over the rainbow as we entered the 7th grade. We struggled through the first two years. Trying to locate rooms and offices and getting accustomed to the routine of a high school; meanwhile our rainbow was beginning to form.
     The first bright color of our spectrum was added in 1953 as we began our Freshman year. Miss Emanual, Mr. Ulshafer, Mrs. Reichard and Mr. Roscoe were our advisors. To lead us as gold coins in our pot of gold, we selected W. Ligenza as president, S. Kusko as our vice president, E. Kenlin as secretary and L. Coniglio as treasurer. We chose black and gold as our main color spectrum. The yellow carnation as our class flower, and "Not the End, Just the Beginning" as our Rainbow Motto.
     We continued our journey over the rainbow and soon we were sophomores, this year having as advisors. Mrs. Reichard and Mr. Ulshafer. We selected S. Kusko as president, R. Macenka as vice president, R. Kocha as secretary, and L. Tessitore as treasurer. This year we began to participate in some school events. We purchased and proudly wore our class hats and emblems, and we also tacked up our pennants. 
     As we went on to our junior year, new colors were added to our spectrum. Mrs. Reichard and Mr. Mezza were our advisors. We elected W. Ligenza as president, A. Malaska as vice president. R. Kocha as secretary, and J. Pancoe as treasurer. This year we had the fun of selecting our class rings and proudly displaying them to our friends. We also had the thrill of our first prom. The class contributed money to cover the expenses and we chose "Over the Rainbow" as our theme. Our prom was a great success. 
     Our junior year slipped by quickly and soon we became seniors; still striving to reach our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Mrs. Reichard and Mr. Mezza, once again, were our advisors. We selected R. Tessitore as president, S. Kusko as vice president, B. Hochmiller as secretary, and L. Tessitore as treasurer. This year we participated in many activities. We presented plays and began to work on our newspaper and yearbook staffs, with the help of our advisors.
     As graduation approaches some greet it sadly, others happily. We have now reached the peak of our rainbow, most of us have decided on our careers and each will continue on his way, until he reached his pot of gold. We will never forget our school days because they hold many happy memories. We will always be indebted to our teachers who have helped us to reach the first goal of our lives. 

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