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Class Colors - Scarlet and Silver
Motto - "Now or Never"
Changed motto senior year
"Without Faith There is Failure"
Flower - Red Rose
Dedicated to advisor Mr. Pagano
The theme for this book was "Jewel Box"

Class History

     We the class of "56" entered N.H.S., the "Jewel Box", in September 1950 with nearly 65 members in our class. Our first two years were rather uneventful.
     By the time we became freshmen in 1952, we lost some of our shyness and began our first important year by electing Robert Marouchoc as our president, Thomas York as vice president, Barbara Bales as secretary, and Thomas Lakata as treasurer. During this year we selected our class colors which are scarlet and silver; our class flower, the red rose; and our class motto, Now or Never. Our class advisors for our freshman year were: Miss Mary Moscoe, Miss Julia Shutak, and Mr. John D. Williams. 
     With the arrival of our sophomore year, we became familiar with the scholastic routine and the class members actively participated in school events. We began our second year in high school by electing Robert Marouchoc as president, Peter Slivka as vice president, Catherine Santore as secretary and Thomas Lakata as treasurer. Our advisors were: Miss Mary Moscoe, Miss Julia Shutack, and Mr. Percy Steventon. As sophomores we purchased our class hats and emblems which we were very proud to wear. 
     After succeeding in our sophomore year and having had our number decreased to 57, we happily started our junior year by electing William Fauzio as our president, Frank Lapos as vice president, Dolores Biank as secretary and Virginia McGinley as treasurer. This was the year in which our long awaited class rings arrived and were proudly displayed. With the help of our class advisors, Miss Mary Moscoe, Miss Julia Shutack and Mr. George Roscoe we chose the "Zodiac Club" as our theme for our unforgettable event the "Junior Prom." Because of lack of funds, the class contributed money to cover the expenses in preparing for the "Junior Prom." It was worth while because our Prom turned out to be a great success.
     At last we became seniors. As usual we began the year electing our class officers. We elected as president, Robert Marouchoc, vice president Frank Lapos, secretary, Virginia McGinley, and treasurer, Thomas Lakata. We planned for another successful year with our junior advisors. The students had the pleasure of publishing their first edition of the school newspaper and beginning work on their yearbook. The class willingly took part in presenting plays and have decided to change our motto, "Now or Never," choosing "Without Faith There is Failure."
     Now that graduation is soon upon us, we will be leaving our "Jewel Box" and will be choosing our careers. Although some students are glad and others sad, we will always treasure the memories of our school days and remember that they were the happiest days of our lives. We will forever be indebted to our advisors ant teachers for helping us to plan for our future years. 

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