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Class Colors - Maroon and White
Motto - "Finish what you Attempt"
Flower - Yellow Tea Rose
Dedicated to advisor Mr. Gordon E. Ulshafer

Class History

     It was a bright, sunny day in September of 1949 when we happily filed into Nesquehoning High School. These first few years of high school soon passed, and in 1951 we had reached an important goal--we were now Freshmen!
     We were as proud and as green as most freshmen are. This was our first important year, and we began it by electing our class officers: Pres., John Bond; V. Pres., John Ligenza; and Sec., Arlene Zozula. Our advisors were Mr. Miller and Mr. Pagano.
     Time passed quickly and, before we knew it, we were Sophomores. We had now become well accustomed to the scholastic routine. Although our heads were bowed low with our heavy schedules, we found time for many activities. Our class officers for this important year were: Pres., Kenneth Rowe; V. Pres., John Bond; Sec., Arlene Zozula; and Treas., Jeanne Mermon. Mr. Miller and Mr. Bonner served as our advisors. During this year we selected our class colors--Maroon and White; Class Flower--Yellow Tea Rose; and our Class Motto--"Finish what you Attempt." We soon proudly displayed our class hats and emblems, which were purchased later in the year.
     Before we realized it, we found ourselves again assembled in N.H.S. as Juniors. Our class officers for the year were: Pres., Kenneth Rowe; V. Pres., John Ligenza; Sec., Jean Petrock; and Treas., Margaret Evans. Mr. Miller was once again an advisor along with Mr. Gordon Ulshafer. A short time later, we selected our class rings and waited impatiently for their arrival. Under the supervision of our advisors, we held a very successful Christmas Dance. Soon we busily began preparations for the Prom. With Miss Evans as our supervisor we selected as a theme, "The Gay-Nineties." This was our first formal dance, and was the most unforgettable event of the year.
     The summer passed and at last we were Seniors! We had reached the top after a long, hard climb. We selected as our class officers: Pres., Anthony Damiano; V. Pres., John Ligenza; Treas., Stephanie Sterzen; and Sec., Jean Petrock. Also selected were our commencement speakers--Jean Petrock and Kenneth Rowe. Under the direction of Mr. R. Grimm, we selected our class songs--"You'll Never Walk Alone" and "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You." Soon will come the Prom, and Class Play, Class Night, Farewell Dance, and finally graduation.
     Now that graduation is just around the corner, we realize that we will soon be leaving our Alma Mater and choosing our careers. We will forever be indebted to our teachers and will use our education to the best of our ability. 

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