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Class Colors - Purple and Gold
Motto - "Speak Little, Do Much"
Flower - Yellow Tea Rose
Dedicated to advisor Mr. Robert W. Steventon
A medieval theme was used in this book

Castle Records

     We, the class of 1954, at the castle of N.H.S., realizing that the year of our graduation has now arrived, look back now with fond desires over our years here.
     Our thoughts return to the school year 1950-51, when early in September, we, as Freshmen Pages, filed through the halls of this great castle. Under the able guidance of our advisors, Mr. R. Miller, Mr. G. Ulshafer, and Miss B. Dougherty, we began our training for future years. During this year many of our members tried out for different activities held in the school. We also chose our class colors, which are purple and gold, our class flower, the yellow tea rose, and class motto, "Speak Little, Do Much."
     After a summer vacation, we began in September, 1951, our year as Sophomore Squires. Our advisors for this year were Mr. A. Mezza, Miss K. Curry, and Miss B. Dougherty. From what we were told from previous classes, this was to be a hard year. During this year our class members worked hard at their studies and went through without too much difficulty. 
     Returning once again in September, 1952, our year as Junior Knights, we once again resumed our duties throughout the castle. Led once again be our Sophomore advisors, we planned for a glorious year. This was the year in which we received our castle class rings. The class also sold candy at Christmas time to raise money for our first formal dance---the "Junior Prom."
     In September of 1953, a class of 51 pupils began studies once again. During our last year at the Castle of N.H.S. we strove to do our very best. Among us were many who excelled in athletics, music, and oratory. Now, as our Senior year comes to a close, we reflect upon the pleasant thoughts of the past and look forward with fond anticipation to the future. 

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