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Class Colors - Royal Blue and Gold
Motto - "We Shall Succeed Though the Path Be Weary"
Flower - Yellow Tea Rose
Dedicated to advisor Mr. Williams
A nautical theme was used in this book

Log of S.S. N.H.S.

     Aboard our aging cruiser, we slowly inched out a becalmed stretch toward the sea. With course set for graduation, we checked position many times during our four-year voyage. Braving the waves, currents and storms, we finally reached our destination and leave the following log of our adventures:
     SEPT., 1949 -- We, sixty-three eager "plebes" came aboard the Grand Ship N.H.S. to begin our seamanship. Under the direction of our skippers, Miss E. Emanuel, Mr. G. Ulshafer, and Mrs. M. Reichard, we elected the following as class officers: Pres. - Nicholas Pituch, V. Pres. - Nicholas Rose, Sec. - Clare Bonner, Treas. - Joseph Staivecki. According to tradition we selected our class colors, royal blue and gold, which were to remain with us through our 4 year voyage.
     JUNE, 1950 -- Received a shore leave with order to report back in Sept.
     SEPT., 1950 -- In this the second year of our voyage we chose as our leaders: Pres. - Nicholas Pituch, V. Pres. - John Feddock, Sec. - Marian Zozula, Treas. - Joseph Staivecki. Our helmsmen this year were Mrs. M. Reichard, Miss E. Emanuel, and Mr. A. Mezza. During this year we ventured into the business world with the sale of class hats and emblems. We also held a play entitled "The Cross Roads Store" under the direction of our Skippers. The motto of our voyage was "We Shall Succeed Though the Path be Weary." Our class flower - the Yellow Tea Rose.
     JUNE, 1951 -- Dropped anchor into the limpid waters after obtaining a three-month pass.
     SEPT., 1951 -- Realizing we were all in the same boat we elected the following as officers: Pres. - Joseph Fauzio, V. Pres. - John Feddock, Sec. - Marian Zozula, Treas. - Edward Lucas. The Skippers were Mrs. S. Koltisko, Mrs. M. Reichard, and Mr. G. Ulshafer. 
     DEC., 1951 -- According to tradition we received the most treasured of all possessions -- our class rings. 
     JAN., 1952 -- Junior dance from which we netted a nice profit which helped us along in expenses for our Prom.
     MAY, 1952 -- Laboring over decorations for several days we finally had our "Naval Ball" or "Junior Prom", our first formal dance. The theme for this delightful affair was a Spring Scene. Every one enjoyed themselves and most parents allowed "drags" and "mariners" out after reveille. So ended the activities of our junior year. 
     SEPT., 1952 -- As first class seamen we elected as class officers: Pres. - Joseph Fauzio, V. Pres. - John Feddock, Sec. - Marian Zozula, Treas. - Edward Lucas. The Skippers for this year were Mrs. M. Reichard, Mr. G. Ulshafer, and Mrs. S. Koltisko. The latter left our Grand Ship and was replaced by Mr. W. Thomas. We began the final lap of our practical cruise by preparing for graduation. This included ordering name cards, invitations, and selecting the class songs which are "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You" and "Now is the Hour."
     MAY, 1953 -- Fifty-nine of our original crew remained. Thus, we took advantage of the following days knowing the survivors couldn't be shipmates forever.
     JUNE, 1953 -- The momentous event -- Graduation -- was actually at hand. After the final anchor had been dropped we proudly but sorrowfully received our diplomas. Knowing that we now must sink or swim, we pledge to make the remaining life cruises as this primary one had been to the Class of "53".

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