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Class Colors - Gold and White
Motto - "Conquering Ever"
Flower - Daisy
Changed Flower in Sophomore year to Yellow Carnation.
Dedicated to the boys and girls of NHS who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Class History

     It was a bright sunny day, Tuesday, September 3, 1940 when we, children of five and six years of age, first began our climb up the ladder of education. Each and every one of us had our shoes polished, hair combed and wore our best clothes for that memorable day. We studied hard during our primary school days and after losing and gaining a few students, we finally became freshmen in the Autumn of 1948.
     We were a proud and unsophisticated class as most classes are in their first year of high school. Our class consisted of sixty-six pupils and we began our freshmen year by electing class officers. Edward Mosko was elected president; Helen Stianchi, vice president; Helen Yaworsky, secretary; and Mary Caruso, treasurer. Our first important event in that year was a roller-skating party, held at LaRoses' Skating Rink, accompanied by a great many thrills and spills. As the year progressed we selected our class colors, class flower, and class motto. These are: gold and white, daisy, and "Conquering Ever." Our class advisors for that year were: Miss Mary Moscoe, Mr. Michael Bonner, and Mr. John D. Williams. These advisors have remained with us, through our last four years of high school rotating classes each year. 
     When we returned to school in our sophomore year we had four less students, but started our year by re-electing Edward Mosko as president; Robert Thear, vice president; Roberta Griffith, secretary; and Carl Mikovich, treasurer. As sophomores we purchased our caps, ties, pennants, and emblems in our class colors. The class decided to change our class flower, and the yellow carnation was chosen. 
     After having gone through our sophomore year successfully we started our junior year with a class of sixty-one smiling faces. Once again we chose our class officers with Robert Thear as president; Leonard Pudelka, vice president; Helen Stianchi, secretary, and Joan Goral, treasurer. Our first important event was a fall dance, which was conducted successfully under the direction of our advisors. A short time later we selected our class rings and waited impatiently for their arrival. They finally arrived in the middle of December and everyone displayed them proudly. In December, under the supervision of our advisors and supervising principal, Mr. Wash Snoich, we enjoyed a conducted tour of the Hauto Power Plant, Bundy Tubing Plant, and Saylors' Bakery. In the early spring we presented a play entitled "Off the Pewter Plater," which was enjoyed by all. As juniors, we held our first formal dance, The Junior Prom. Miss Mary Moscoe suggested a Mexican scene and under her direction we decorated the auditorium for that important event. 
     Finally after eleven long years of waiting we became seniors. We started this year as usual, electing class officers. Robert Thear was chosen president. The election of vice-president ended in a tie, but on the second ballot Leonard Pudelka was selected for the position. We elected Elizabeth Yurchak as secretary, but the election of a treasurer also ended in a tie. After a second ballot, Edward Mosko was chosen to fill the position. Our first project this year was a play entitled, "The Ghost Farm." Following that we presented the annual Christmas play entitled, "Why the Chimes Rang." About that time we selected our songs for class night, and everyone agreed upon, "The Halls of Ivy," and "You'll Never Walk Alone." Mr. Leon Loch, our previous music director resigned last year and this year Mr. Rodney Grimm has filled the position. He is already successfully directing us in these two songs. Soon will come our class play, Prom, Farewell Dance, class night and graduation. 
     Now we look ahead for the day when we will graduate from Nesquehoning High School. It will soon arrive and we will be leaving our "Dear Old High" and selecting our careers. We will forever be indebted to our teachers who have helped us to advance this far, as well as our class advisors, who have guided us wisely in the last years of our high school days. Although we are very enthusiastic about leaving school, we are somewhat reluctant and will always have a place for it in our hearts. Its memories will never leave us, for these have been the happiest days of our lives. 

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