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Class Colors - Crimson and Silver
Motto - "Ever On"
Flower - Carnation
Dedicated to Mother and Dad

Class History

     What an eventful day September 3, 1945 was for the Nesquehoning Junior-Senior High School. That was the day we, a group of seventy-seven remarkable students, honored the high school with our presence. Our first two years were rather uneventful.
     By the time we had become freshmen our numbers had decreased to seventy-four. We were as proud and as green as most freshmen are. This was our first important year and we began it by electing as president George Biank; vice-president, Theodore Drigan; secretary, Betty Quashnoc; and treasurer, Helen Staivecki. Since we were a very unusual class we didn't have an annual freshman party. The big event of this year was our roller-skating party, from which we emerged with many bruises. Our freshman advisors were: Miss M. Moscoe, Miss E. Pauff, Mr. M. Bonner and Mr. J. Williams. 
     With the arrival of our sophomore year we had become accustomed to the scholastic routine. We began by electing our class officers. They were: president, George Biank; vice-president, Theodore Drigan; secretary Louise Sniscak; and treasurer, Russell Kominitsky. The only event of the year was the Sophomore Party which was enjoyed by all. This year saw the purchase of hats, upon which our names were written, and pennants bearing our class seal. The idea originated with this class. We had as our class advisors for that year Miss E. Lewis, Mr. G. Roscoe and Mr. P. Steventon. At the closing of this year we were seventy-two in number. 
     We finally became upper classmen, having had our number decreased to sixty-seven. Again we started the year by electing our class officers, who were: president, George Biank; vice-president, Joseph Damiano; secretary, Louise Sniscak; and treasurer, Helen Staivecki. Our class advisors for that year were: Mrs. S. Koltisko, Miss J. Shutack and Mr. G. Roscoe. These teachers were the advisors for our senior year also. What a thrill we had before Christmas when the long hoped for class rings arrived! This year recorded a new activity, namely the publishing of a school newspaper with many junior students on the staff. The most enjoyable and unforgettable event of this year was the Junior Prom, under the direction of Mrs. S. Koltisko. The preparations for this event were difficult but it was worth while in the end, because every student agreed that it was a great success. 
     At last we became seniors! The long-awaited years were over. We elected as our senior class officers, president, George Biank; vice-president, George Pauff; secretary, Dorothy Ann Morris; and treasurer, James Macaluso. We began that year with our first edition of the school newspaper under the direction of our new advisor, Mr. G. Thear, a new faculty member. The first hilarious event in the history of this class was the presentation of a girls minstrel under the direction of Miss J. Shutack. We held another roller-skating party this year, and again we emerged with many bruises. We began working on our yearbook in the beginning of the year with Mr. J. Williams as our advisor. We welcomed another new faculty member that year, Mr. L. Loch, as our band master and music instructor. He held a winter band concert, in which many of the seniors took part. Mr. Loch intends to hold another band concert in the spring.
     Now that graduation is just around the corner, we realize that we will soon be leaving our Alma Mater, and choosing our careers. We will always be indebted to our teachers and will use our education to the best of our ability.

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