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Class Colors - Kelley Green and Silver
Motto - "Not finished, just begun"
Flower - Yellow Tea Rose
Dedicated to advisor Miss Alice Zaengle

Class History

     The year nineteen hundred and forty-six ushered in a new freshman class, comprising one hundred lads and lasses who were ready to file through the classrooms of N.H.S. Although our heads were bowed low with our heavy schedules, we found time to enjoy social functions, such as our first dance, the Freshman Party. This was like opening a door to pleasant recollections of the hectic days when we were lowly freshmen. 
     As sophomores we found ourselves well established in high school. We point with pride to the fact that during this term many of our members who were interested in athletics earned positions on our Junior Varsity football and basketball teams. It was during this year our ability to study came to its greatest test. With the closing of school, we realized that we had completed half of the obstacles that lie in the path of those who seek to attain that final goal--graduation.
     With the arrival of September, we found that our class had dwindled to eighty-five members; but our dignity as juniors was not daunted by our number. Our superiority complex was soon stripped from us when we awoke to the realization that only a year separated us from that objective which we had so coveted as freshmen. Class rings, athletics, the Junior Prom, and new courses occupied our leisure time both scholastically and socially. Another milestone in our march toward attainment of our goal had passed, and next fall we would return as members of the senior class.
     And now that we have become seniors, we put away childish pleasures and tried to act as adults. At the beginning of this term, our class consisted of eighty-three members; but due to the loss of William Bond, who is now serving in the Armed Forces, and Harry Brocious, who has since transferred to another school, we approach graduation with a class of eighty-one members. With the acquisition of the title of seniors, we began to assume some dignity, and we realized the trials and tribulations of life which would lie before us. 
     With the training we received during our four year interlude at Nesquehoning High School, we face the future with confidence, courage, and determination.
     Bidding farewell to our Alma Mater, we cherish these never-to-be-forgotten memories that we enjoyed within the walls of Nesquehoning High School.

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